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My friend Harold introduced me to this game called League of Legends. This game is similar to the game DoTA of which we were fond of playing before. After reading some reviews I decided to try this game for a change. And now, I’ve been playing the game for 6-7 months now.

I started playing this game last April of this year, 2011. A month before, I was playing Dragonica Online along side with my friends, Feve, Harold, Annie and Jono. I quit playing Dragonica Online after attaining the class of War Mage. That’s the 2nd job change from Mage > Battle Mage > War Mage. I pretty much got bored doing dungeons again and again.

Back to playing LoL ph, I had my first match with my friends in a 2vs1 handicap match where I and another friend who haven’t tried LoL as well battled against Harold who was familiar with the game already. One of the things that I’ve learned in this game is that there is a limitation in one’s potential. And I guess Harold’s champ reached his after reaching the 30 minutes mark where he was able to provide his champ with the best equipment he can get. On the other hand, all we need to do to win is to survive pass the mark since even if his champs gets more gold or kills, he won’t be able to equip his char with more than 6 equips.

My first match was fun after we won. I started to get the hang of it after playing for weeks and have created several other accounts to pawn some newbie. Today, I have created 3 different accounts having the levels 30, 18, and 12. I also use my friends’ account since they don’t use it quite often. I made one of my friends level to 18 as well.

As you can see, I got addicted to the game. It came to a point where I played an average of 7 matches a day. It wasn’t a problem for me playing that much since I was able to play it whenever I was helping in my family’s store from 8 am to 530 pm.

Every time I play a game, whether it would be online or not, I always set a goal. In the game Dragonica Online, my goal was to become a War Mage. And after becoming one I quit the game. My goal in LoL is simple, reach level 30. I’ve accomplished this goal last August and stopped playing last September since I had a complete team back then consisting of Harold, Feve, Annie and Gian from the month of August til September.

The game becomes more interesting when played with friends. After all, there is better communications, more planned actions, and the presence of group chemistry. Playing with friends would also eliminate blaming a particular member of the team for the loss or hardships experienced during the game.

Compared to being teamed with people you don’t know, one will experience a lot of difficulties and stressors. One will definitely meet the following along the way:

  • The Quitter – one who leaves during the game not because of bad internet connection but rather for personal reasons that are against his own group such as disagreement with team mates, feels that there is no more chance to win, or wouldn’t want to waste effort playing a game that has already been concluded to be a loss. He will definitely make the match to a handicap one.

I’ve met several of these type of people. Depending on which side he is a part of, he could either make it easier for you or far more difficult to the point of losing.

  • The Talker – one who talks all the time. Whether he types to boast, taunt, criticize or simply just to laugh his name will never leave the message bar.

This one definitely makes me angry regardless of which team he is part of. I also do my best to pawn this type of player every time I can to make him shut up. If he is a team mate of mine, a simple gesture would do but if it won’t work, I just don’t mind him or whatever he is talking about.

  • The IMBA – one who carries the whole team. This player is just too good for anyone. It would be good to have this on one’s team but would definitely be hard if he’s part of the opposing team.
  • The Newbie – one who may have just played or just doesn’t understand the game quite yet. This player is just too bad that one would be wishing him off the team. It would be good to have this type of opponent but having this as a team mate is just too painful.

Currently in LoL ph, there are several types of games to choose from, from Custom to PVP to AI. I’ve heard about Dominion which may have started in LoL NA already but it hasn’t been released here in PH.

In Queue

One who plays in LoL is called a “Summoner”. It is advised to see the trailer of the game to better understand the reason behind the name. Each summoner is entitled to have 2 spells that can be activated through keys d and f. There is also what you called runes and masteries, which adds stats to the champion. The difference between the two is that, runes are bought while masteries are free and is similar to all. As the summoner’s level progresses, more spells, runes and masteries are unlocked.

Every week, the game provides a set of free champions every user can use. You see, you need to buy a champ in order to use it. Luckily, when I started playing LoL, they were having all champs free to use. So I had the luxury to try everyone and save up for the champ that I would most likely to use.

Each champion has a set of 5 skills consisting of a passive ability, and 4 active or passive abilities that can be used through keys q, w, e and r. Aside from that, each one has its own skins which may be related to the skins of other champions. While waiting for a match, one can read about any champions story as each champ is provided with his/her own background which may tell the reason of joining the league. During game play, a player may use some taunts through keys Shift + 1 or 2 while Shift + 4 makes the champ laugh. Pressing Shift + 3 however would show you the cool dance moves the champ has, which is pretty awesome.

In-Game Store (Skin Section)

Today, LoL ph has opened its cash shop and one can already buy a champ, skin, runes, bundles and boosts using the peso denomination. I myself have purchased several Garena cards of which I took from my allocations for Globe load. I just thought that purchasing skin would be more exciting.

There are some legendary skins of which cost more than the ordinary ones. These skins not only change the costume of a champion but would also change some of the animations and voices of the champions. Current one of the skins that I owned which was supposed to be limited is the FrankenTibbers which is only available during the Harrowing of 2011.

Aside from these, the company Riot is doing much work to add more skins and champions to the current rooster. Right now, 4 new champions are readily available to view for statistics in the champion bar but are still not available to use or buy in PH. These champs however have been released in NA which will also be available later on in PH.


These updates I hope would keep one intact in playing the game despite the criticism of others where the company focused primarily on profitable updates rather than updating the current maps. I do hope that I would be able to let go of this game by the end of the year for me to be able to focus in my career. But right now aside from the cool dance moves and skills of the champions, LoL may have enough promos from free champion rotations to sales in the in-game store that would keep one gamer from playing LoL.

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2 thoughts on “League of Legends PH

  1. led

    Yey new goal

    play rank games. Reach 1800

    • konikiat

      Ranked Games are cool to play as well. Right now, the highest in solo is around 1800. Better get your game on so that someday, I’ll see your name in the site.

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